X-Train Your Brain, Level 2: Building Core Strength (Brain Works)

Autor: Crinella, Francis M.
Gediman, Corinne L.

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X-Train Your Brain, Level 2: Building Core Strength (Brain Works) : Just as athletes achieve peak physical performance through cross-training, so, too, do brain athletes. Cross-training your brain makes perfect sense given the brain's own natural anatomy. In Level 2 of X-Train Your Brain: Building Core Strength, you'll do more than 85 exercises to enhance the left brain's skills in verbal abilities, logic, and linear problem solving, as well as the right brain's skills in visual perception, spatial relationships, and creative problem solving. By doing this cross-training you will get a whole-brain workout that will keep you alert and prevent memory loss and sluggish thinking.

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Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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