XHTML for Dummies

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XHTML for Dummies : Combining the strength of HTML with the flexibility of XML, Extensible Markup Language sets you free to create the kinds of Web pages you've always imagined. And the best thing is, it's really easy to get the hang of XHTML. If you can give directions to the post office, you can design and build a Web page with XHTML. But here's the catch: While XHTML isn't hard to learn, it does pack a welter of details that you have to wrestle into submission while you build your Web pages. Mastering that will take some practice and a little coaching from a knowledgeable friend-which is what you get with XHTML For Dummies.

XHTML For Dummies is a friendly, approachable guide to tackling the terminology and mastering the tools of XHTML. Written for absolutely anyone interested in creating readable and attractive Web pages-regardless of degree of computer savvy or markup language experience-it quickly gets you on track with the kn owledge and skills needed to:

  • Make Web pages that look exactly how you imagine them
  • Manage XHTML style and layout
  • Create cool XHTML page layouts
  • Create content readable on all Internet-ready devices
  • Quickly and easily convert HTML documents into XHTML
  • Create sheets and DTDs
  • Use tools to determine browser capability
  • Rev up e-commerce applications

From the basics of tags and elements to advanced topics, such as creating dynamic Web pages with DOM, XHTML For Dummies covers all the bases for novices and experienced Web developers alike, including:

  • Styling XHTML with CSS
  • Presentation and text controls
  • Using XHTML tables effectively
  • Java, multimedia, and scripting
  • Modularizing XHTML and creating dynamic Web pages with DOM

As an added bonus, you get a CD-ROM featuring:

  • Freeware versions of Amaya XML-aware Web browser
  • Microsoft KML Notepad v1.5
  • An evaluation version of Adept Editor LE
  • Plus HTML Tidy, expat, XT, and more

Packed with working examples, clear step-by-step explanations and hot tips on how to get the most out of XHTML this is everyone's total guide to mastering the latest Web design language.

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