Autor: Brown, Dan
Langdon, John

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Wordplay : Take a second look at the cover of this book--this time, turn it upside down. The title,Wordplay, is an ambigram, which means you will be able to read it both right side up and upside down. You may be familiar with the John Langdon's ambigrams from Dan Brown's bestseller Angels & Demons(see pages 186 and 188 of Wordplay), but if this is your first experience with the art of the ambigram, prepare to be dazzled! This lovely updated edition of the classic collection of ambigrams features a section of full-color ambigrams and dozens of stunning, mind-bending examples of this cryptic art form. Each strikingly beautiful and arresting illustration is accompanied by a short essay - sometimes serious, sometimes witty - to delight your brain as much as your eyes. Taken together, the art and the essays show how the very shape of letters can change our idea of words and their meanings. As Dan Brown says in the Foreword of this revised edition, John Langdon brilliantly rearranges the familiar, casting it in a new light. Both playful and profound,Wordplaywill challenge you to take a second look at your world.

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