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Wings of the Wind/Turn of Glory (Battles of Destiny, Vol. 4)

Autor: Lacy, Al

Editorial: Multnomah Books

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Wings of the Wind/Turn of Glory (Battles of Destiny, Vol. 4) : Two historical novels in one volume. Wings of the Wind - Battle of Antietam: Early in his life, tragedy and hardship caused young Hunter McGuire to lose everyone he loved: his parents, his little sister, his best friend. Years later, Dr. Hunter McGuire grieves once again after being separated from the young nursing student who has stolen his heart. This time, however, a tender reunion takes place after Jodie returns unexpectedly and helps Hunter tend the wounded at the battle of Antietam. Yet their struggles have just begun, for their life together is threatened by more than they realize. And only One can save their love: the God who walks on the wings of the wind. Turn of Glory - Battle of Chancellorsville: Confederate Major Rance Dayton is wounded on the battlefield and fears he will die until four friends risk their lives to save him. The courageous four are honored and live as heroes until, in the confusion and darkness of a nighttime battle, an unthinkable tragic accident changes their lives forever. The four, so recently renowned as heroes, are now despised and hounded as miscreants, and soon they desert the army and head west to live as outlaws. It is there that Rance, a newly commissioned U.S. Marshal, meets the four again, this time in very different circumstances but with the knowledge that he owes them his life.

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Ficción   Historical

ISBN 13:9781590529485
ISBN 10:1590529480
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