Windows Powershell 2 for Dummies

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Windows Powershell 2 for Dummies : You've heard about Windows PowerShell 2, the Windows scripting environment that's changing how we think about Windows scripting. This fun and friendly guide gives you a solid understanding of what it is and how to use it, with plenty of real-world examples so you can put the information to good use right away. Your boss will think you're a genius! View from the top - get an overview of Windows PowerShell 2 and examine the syntax, structure, and core functionality. Look deeper - manipulate strings, work with data structures like arrays and hashtables, and use Windows Management Instrumentation. The need for speed - see how Windows PowerShell speeds things up by letting you run commands on a remote computer or run multiple commands at once. In the real world - learn to apply scripts to specific needs. It does more - use Windows PowerShell 2 to manage network configurations, gather hardware info, connect to printers, and more.

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