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Autor: Maushart, Susan

Editorial: Bloomsbury Publishing

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Wifework : Husbands and wives may say they are committed to equality, and indeed, many believe that they live that way. Yet, whether they are employed or not, wives still perform an astounding share of the physical, emotional, and organizational labor in marriage. In Wifework, Susan Maushart takes a radical look at the institution of marriage, exposing the truth of how far we've really come in thirty years. She forces us to consider why 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, and why women are responsible for initiating three-quarters of them. If family life is worth saving, the job description for wives will have to be rewritten. Bolstering her own personal experience as a twice-married mother of three with substantial research and broad statistical evidence, Maushart delves into history to explore the theoretical and evolutionary reasons behind marital inequity. Wifework is candid, bold, at times savagely witty, and always fervently argued.

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Ciencias Sociales   Women's Studies

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