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When She Was Bad

Autor: Nasaw, Jonathan

Editorial: Simon & Schuster

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When She Was Bad : Lily deVries suffers from DID, a psychiatric condition known as dissociative identity disorder. Triggered by a devastating childhood trauma, her mind has fragmented into different personalities known as 'alters'. There's the gentle, childlike Lily; the sexually voracious Lilah; and Lilith - the violent psychopath. Now she's found herself in the Reed-Chase mental institution, where they're hoping to find a cure. But there's another patient undergoing treatment at the Institute. Fellow DID sufferer Ulysses Maxwell faces life imprisonment following the rape, torture and murder of over a dozen women. When Lilith and Max - Maxwell's psychopathic alter - meet one another, the reaction is dynamite. And when the unthinkable happens and they escape from the Institute, it's up to ex-FBI Agent Pender to track down a terrifying pair of killers who win hearts as easily as they slit throats.

Categoría   Sub-Categoría
Ficción   Thrillers

ISBN 13:9781847370358
ISBN 10:1847370357
Formato:Tapa Suave
Tamaño:9.13" l x 5.98" w x 0.94" h

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