What's Real

Autor: Poole, Daaimah S.

Editorial: Kensington Publishing Corporation

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What's Real : Daaimah S. Poole follows up her hot, hilarious hit novels Yo Yo Love and Got a Man with the adventures of three sistahs from Philly who are about to take Miami by storm. . . 

What's Real

  Philadelphia twenty-somethings Janelle, Natalie, and Tanya are gonna lose it if they don't get a break from their dull daily routines. Janelle has had it with her boring job as assistant manager at a clothing store, and with her freeloading family who've "temporarily," moved in with her. As for Natalie, with a baby to take care of and a husband who won't even change a diaper, she needs a time-out--and a little excitement wouldn't hurt either. Tanya is just looking for a good time and a man with a big, thick. . .wallet. In fact, Tanya, nicknamed "China" for her china-doll beauty, has never even had a job--she counts on the support of the many men she attracts. But that kind of dependence comes with a very high price, as she'll soon find out. . . 

  Given the chance, these girls like to play, and their playground of choice is Miami. Almost as soon as they hit the beach they find themselves drawn into a fast-moving, flashy world populated by rappers, ballers, celebrities, and VIPs with cash to burn. But before this wild ride is over, one of them is going to party a little too hard. . .one is going to find out what's most important to her--and one is going to change her mind about her old life. Along the way, all three of them will learn about how all that glitters ain't gold, and a good reality is worth way more than a fleeting fantasy.

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