Weapons of Fitness: The Women's Ultimate Guide to Fitness, Self-Defense, and Empowerment

Autor: Zeisler, Avital

Editorial: Avery Publishing Group

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Weapons of Fitness: The Women's Ultimate Guide to Fitness, Self-Defense, and Empowerment :

A groundbreaking self-defense and fitness book for women by a ballerina turned self-defense expert.

Avital Zeisler was a ballerina in Canada when she was savagely attacked by a larger, stronger man. For months afterward she lived in fear, until finally, she decided to take matters into her own hands and began self-defense training with professionals from around the world. She studied with military personnel, martial arts experts, and security specialists, and even became the first international woman to graduate from the Israeli Krav Maga Association. However, she quickly realized none of these self-defense programs took into account the extra difficulties that women in particular can face when being attacked. As a woman, what should you do if your attacker is one hundred pounds heavier and much stronger than you, and is slow to react to pain due to drug or alcohol consumption?

Zeisler realized women needed a program designed specifically for them. Using her personal experience as a driving force and the methods she'd studied as a base, she came up with a self-defense system tailored for women. She called it the Soteria Method, after the Greek goddess of safety. Women flocked to her classes to learn how to defend themselves in any situation by turning their own bodies into weapons. Often petite or concerned about being 'weak,' after Zeisler's class these women soon exulted in their ability to protect themselves.

Now, Zeilser offers you her groundbreaking program. Unique and powerful, Weapons of Fitness provides you with:

  • a six-week program to teach you moves with which to defend yourself in any situation - and get you into the best shape of your life
  • an explanation of the principles and practice of street fighting
  • an introduction to the tools that will raise your situational awareness without leaving you paranoid - so that you can live a confident, empowered life
  • a new definition of self-defense

As Zeisler learned, the smarter and more targeted her training, the stronger and more confident she became. Zeisler's system brings you her unique and exclusive method of self-defense, fitness, and empowerment, giving you a sense of comfort and power in any situation while also allowing you to let your guard down, both physically and emotionally.

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