Water: The Essence of Life

Autor: Niemeyer, Mark

Editorial: Duncan Baird

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Water: The Essence of Life : H20 is the most extraordinary, life-sustaining molecule known to humankind: it determined our beginnings, sustains our present, and holds the key to our future. This miraculous substance covers more than 70% of our planet and constitutes about 70% of our bodies - and all known organisms depend on it to survive. Here is the incredible story of water, told in more than 120 of the most stunning and evocative color photographs ever taken and amazing, eye-opening data. It's a fascinating look at the many sources and forms of water on earth, from icebergs, glaciers, and aquifers to steam, frost, and dew - as well as an insightful exploration of its various uses, both practical (hydroelectricity, irrigation) and decorative (fountains). The entire watery realm is covered, including great lakes, mighty rivers, and the five oceans; wonderful wetlands, tides and currents, clouds and vapor, the frozen world, and much more. The clear, simple text draws upon science, mythology, and cultural history, and provides serious facts about pollution and waste that must concern us in this age of global warming.

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