Watch My Baby Grow

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Watch My Baby Grow : Lots of books tell you about child development and a baby's first year, but Watch My Baby Grow shows you everything that happens in the first year of life in step-by-step pictures with detailed explanations. Every milestone of baby development, from gurgles to coos to first words, is documented and explained.

Why does your baby's cry sound the way it does? How are your baby's eyes and brain developing? What are the evolutionary reasons for speech-like sounds around the age of four months? Watch My Baby Grow has answers to these questions, as well as an individual story — the early life of baby Melisa — to relate them. Find reassuring information, too, like how to spot the subtle cues that signal growing awareness and ability for your baby.

Watch My Baby Grow is the true story of baby Melisa and her family. We are invited to marvel at the pictures of babies laughing, learning to eat and communicate, and growing. We learn about child development and baby brain development as the lively, informative text explains the biology of subtle changes in an infant's motor control, mental abilities, and vocal development.

Follow baby Melisa and her family as they discover the magic of new life and of a child's incredible early weeks and months in this story that's at once very personal and also universal. Whether you're a first-time mother wondering what to expect, a family about to welcome a new member, or a reader who loves to celebrate life, Watch My Baby Grow is an unforgettable journey you'll love to take with Melisa and her family.

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