War Without Bloodshed

Autor: Clift, Eleanor/Brazaitis, Tom

Editorial: Scribner Book Company

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War Without Bloodshed : In War Without Bloodshed, Clift and Brazaitis reveal that every decision is political on Capitol Hill--from the title of a memorandum to the lunch date across the table to one's choice of footwear at a Georgetown dinner party. No career stays within strict partisan lines. The authors offer anecdotes about players from opposite sides who, perceived by the public as enemies, meet secretly--from Stan Greenberg breakfasting with Ronald Reagan's pollster to Newt Gingrich traveling to Texas to consult with Ross Perot. They alternately fraternize, antagonize, and move one. From each character's vantage point, the reader relives the jousting over health-care reform and the turmoil of a tumultuous election, and comes to understand that, in the end, politics is not just about winning and losing. The game is its own reward. HC, 400 pages.

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