Wait! Don't Move to Canada

Autor: Scher, Bill

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Wait! Don't Move to Canada : Popular political pundit Bill Scher presents a bold, pragmatic plan to revitalize America. Frustrated liberals are mired in the political wilderness, while disgruntled Democrats and Republicans have grown weary of unprincipled politics, shoddy governance, and the general ineptitude of our public servants. "Look, it would be a lot easier to cut and run to Canada," say Janeane and Sam in their foreword, "but we all have an obligation not to." To those willing to stay and fight, Bill Scher offers a 10-step plan to rally popular support for a better, more effective, more liberal vision of government. To achieve this vision, Scher arms his readers with an arsenal of attitude and practical, actionable advice on how to: defuse the right-wing culture war; communicate directly with the news media and encourage them to cover underreported stories; protest in a way that reaches those outside the ranks of activist organizations; join the growing online liberal community to effectively exert pressure on the political establishment; embrace the term liberal as often and as openly as possible. Scher, whose Web log is one of the go-to political sites in the rapidly expanding - and increasingly influential - blogosphere, articulates his strategies in a straightforward, vibrant, and accessible style that explodes the stereotypes of the liberal wimp or egghead.

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