Twelve Fingers

Autor: Landers, Clifford E.
Soares, Jo

Editorial: Pantheon Books

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Twelve Fingers : Our hero, Dimitri Borja Korozec, is born in the late 1800s to a Brazilian contortionist mother and a fanatically nationalist Serbian linotypist father. Dimitri enrolls in a training school for assassins, where he excels - except for his troubling propensity for fouling things up at the last moment. Part Carlos the Jackal, part Woody Allen's Zelig, part Inspector Clouseau, and part Forrest Gump, Dimitri is a schlemiel of an assassin and anarchist who can't seem to kill anyone. He does, however, cause enough mayhem to help start World War I, spread Spanish influenza to the American continent, and unintentionally trigger various other significant events of the twentieth century by slipping and falling, misreading signs, and misunderstanding instructions.

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Ficción   Suspense

ISBN 13:9780375408939
ISBN 10:0375408932
Formato:Tapa Dura
Tamaño:8.57" l x 5.82" w x 1.14" h
Grado: Non-Classifiable

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