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Toward Amnesia

Autor: Van Arsdale, Sarah

Editorial: Riverhead Books

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Toward Amnesia : In this poetic and arresting first novel, the protagonist, a marine biologist, is left by her lover and best friend of five years. Utterly bereft and no longer able to take consolation from the things that once absorbed her, she cleans out her savings account, trades in her sensible car for a 1950 Chevy Futura, and heads cross-country without a word to anyone. Inspired by her newfound anonymity, she begins to cultivate a whole alien persona: she writes with her other hand, takes her coffee black, and pays for an abandoned grocery cart of odd-looking canned foods. HC, 184 pages.

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ISBN 13:9781573220170
ISBN 10:1573220175
Formato:Tapa Dura
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