Tough Guy

Autor: Ferrante, Louis

Editorial: Bantam Books

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Tough Guy : From an early age, fear and brutality defined Louis Ferrante's world. He made his reputation as a gang leader on the streets of New York and later, hooking up with the infamous Gambino crime family, he pulled off some of the most lucrative robberies in American history. Life was sweet, and most of the time Louis had fun wisecracking his way around town and staying one step ahead of the law. But when the feds finally caught up with him, Louis faced a long sentence. For nine years, as prisoner 42365053, he lived amongst many of the most violent, not to mention insane, criminals incarcerated in the US prison system. Relying on his wits, his reputation and his wiseguy connections, he battled each day just to stay alive. But things changed dramatically when Louis had an unexpected exchange with a prison guard - an exchange which forced him to confront and question the dishonest, brutal reality of his past. To find answers, he turned to what was for him an unlikely source: books. Suddenly, on reading his first book, he discovered a new world and began an incredible journey of the mind that would provide a form of sanctuary from the violent chaos of his everyday life. It also marked the beginning of a long and difficult fight to turn his life around. Gritty, hard-hitting, and yet often hilarious, Tough Guy is an extraordinary, powerful true story of hope and transformation that is shocking, inspiring and unforgettable.

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Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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