Tippy Lemmey (Ready-for-Chapters)

Autor: Keeter, Susan
McKissack, Pat
McKissack, Patricia C.

Editorial: Aladdin Paperbacks

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Tippy Lemmey (Ready-for-Chapters) : It's 1951, and America is fighting a war in Korea. Back home in Templeton, Tennessee, Leanne, Paul, and Jeannie are fighting a war of their own against Tippy Lemmey, the only dog they've ever met with both a first and a last name. When they ride their bikes, he chases them. When they run, he runs. There's no getting away from him. But when Tippy Lemmey is in trouble, Leanne, Paul, and Jeannie are the only ones who can help him. The kids are faced with a tough decision -- whether or not they should help their sworn enemy. But they can't turn their backs on the dog -- and later, Tippy returns the favor. Ages 7-10.

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Ficción para Niños   Social Situations

ISBN 13:9780689850196
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Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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