The World above the Sky

Autor: Stetson, Kent

Editorial: McArthur & Company

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The World above the Sky : The World Above the Sky transports seventeen-year-old Eugainia St Clare Delacroix - the Living Holy Grail - from certain death at the hands of her enemies to the safety of the New World. The year is 1398. Fleet commander Prince Henry Sinclair, Eugainia's protector and champion, clings to the dying Templar dream of establishing a New Arcadia with Eugainia enthroned at its beating heart. The Royal and Holy Blood flows in Eugainia's veins: her lineage stretches back beyond the Christ and Mary Magdalene, past the Kings David and Solomon, past the man-god Pharaohs of Egypt to the dawn of time itself.

Eugainia disembarks weakened and near death on the Atlantic coast of Canada. There stands the handsome, young and recently widowed Mimktawoqusk, chief-in-waiting of a peaceful clan of east coast Mikmaqs. In Mimktawoqusk's veins runs the Ancient and Honourable blood of The People, blood as potent with magic as the living bones of the earth, blood rich in the mysteries of the star world - the world above the sky. In the time of the Two made One, Mimktawoqusk and revitalized Eugainia break their chains, redefine divinity and, together, forge a new and shining world.

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