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The World We're In

Autor: Hutton, Will

Editorial: Abacus

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The World We're In : Widening his perspective from country (examined in previous volume, "The State We're In") to world, Will Hutton calls for Britain and Europe to offer alternatives to the American Way. Under President Bush America has been forthright in its isolationism - until the attack on the World Trade Center - but whatever happens next, it is undoubtedly true that Bush will pursue a policy of America first. Hutton argues for a countervailing balance - economically and socially - to the American model. Only, he argues, by making Europe a strong bloc - and that means adopting the euro - will we have the leverage to influence the USA as we would wish, in an attempt to make Europe a safer, more prosperous place.

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ISBN 13:9780349114712
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Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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