The Wizard's Apprentice (The Keepers Bk. 2)

Autor: Koller, Jackie French

Editorial: Aladdin Publishing Company

Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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The Wizard's Apprentice (The Keepers Bk. 2) : In the magical world of Eldearth, Witches and Wizards live side by side with Humans. Weefolk, though elusive, are abundant, and Dragons and Unicorns still walk the land. But the present Imperial Wizard, Keeper of the Light that protects Eldearth, is aging and ill. If a new Apprentice is not found soon, Eldearth may succumb to the evil powers of the dark Lord Graieconn. There is a long tradition in Eldearth that the Keeper must be a Wizard, and only boys can be Wizards, but so far, all the boys who have attempted the difficult quest to become Apprentice Keeper have failed. Princess Arenelle, a promising young Witch, who has just reached eleven, the age of Magic, decides to undertake the quest. She sets out with her pet Demi-dragon, Minna. Aided by folk she meets along the way and an albino dragon that she rescues from near-death, Nell battles the fearsome forces of nature, evil, and ignorance that are amassed against her.

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ISBN 13:9780689855924
ISBN 10:0689855923
Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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