The War of the Worlds, Plus Blood, Guts and Zombies

Autor: Brown, Eric S.
Wells, H. G.

Editorial: Gallery Books

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The War of the Worlds, Plus Blood, Guts and Zombies : THE CLASSIC SCIENCE FICTION TALE THAT WILL EAT YOUR BRAINS!

Never before in the history of warfare had destruction been so indiscriminate and so universal.

Panic descends upon planet Earth once more as H. G. Wells's terrifying cosmic invaders blaze a path of fiery destruction across Victorian England, leaving thousands of undead in their wake. Our adventurous narrator must survive the apocalyptic alien threat while fighting off raging, bloodthirsty zombies. Who will triumph when man, Martian, and flesh-eating monster meet? Packed with fearsome supernatural creatures at every turn, Wells's original masterpiece is scarier, gorier, and more suspenseful than ever!

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ISBN 13:9781451609752
ISBN 10:1451609752
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