The Unnumbered

Autor: North, Sam

Editorial: Scribner Book Company

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The Unnumbered : Mila and Nio are in love. They should be like any other couple, planning a future, their first flat, careers, a family. But they're not like most couples. They're part of the Unnumbered, illegal immigrants. With no driving license, no social security, no identity, they are almost invisible, yet the streets are swirling with them. Nio is a 23-year-old Greek. He's built a shack in St. Pancras Cemetery, and shares it with his scrounging friend, Charmer. Mila is fifteen. She lives with her Romanian parents in three caravans parked off the North Circular. There there's her thief of a brother, little Vlad, Anjali, the bright student with a promising future, driven to destruction; and casting a shadow over all of them, taking pleasure from their pain, looms Lucas Tooth - well-groomed, cold-hearted, evil. Nio and Mila are in love. The city has brought them together and the city could tear them apart. But love has a way of fighting back.

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Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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