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The Translation of Dr Apelles: A Love Story

Autor: Treuer, David

Editorial: Graywolf Press

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The Translation of Dr Apelles: A Love Story : Dr Apelles, Native American translator of Native American texts, lives a diligent existence. He works at a library and, in his free time, works on his translations. Without his realizing it, his world has become small. One day he stumbles across an ancient manuscript only he can translate. What begins as a startling discovery quickly becomes a vital quest - not only to translate the document but to find love. Through the riddle of Dr Apelles's heart,The Translation of Dr Apelles explores the boundaries of human emotion, charts the power of the language to both imprison and liberate, and maps the true dimensions of the Native American experience. As Dr Apelles's quest nears its surprising conclusion, the novel asks the reader to speculate on whose power is greater: The imaginer or the imagined? The lover or the beloved? In this brilliant mystery of letters in the tradition of Calvino, Borges, and Saramago, David Treuer excavates the persistent myths that belittle the contemporary Native American experience and lays bare the terrible power of the imagination.

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Ficción   Romance

ISBN 13:9781555974510
ISBN 10:1555974511
Formato:Tapa Dura
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