The Tesseract

Autor: Garland, Alex

Editorial: Riverhead Books

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The Tesseract : Two wandering street boys, whose only steady income is telling their dreams to a young, anguished psychologist for payment, witness a man being chased through the slums of Manila by two gunmen. The boys have just run away from an angry driver after causing him a flat tire while his car is stalled in a traffic jam. After the driver calls his wife to tell her of his delay, she begins daydreaming about her first lover to avoid settling into another boring evening of American television with her live-in mother. Suddenly she hears gunshots from the gangsters and the man they are chasing. Thus, these four stories of the hunted man, the psychologist, the urchins, and the wife--each fleshed out by reminiscences--make up the dimensions of the "tesseract" (a four-dimensional analogue of a cube), which itself unravels as the stories and characters converge in a shocking ending. 273 pages.

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Ficción   Suspense

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