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The Temple and the Stone

Autor: Kurtz, Katherine

Editorial: Warner Books

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The Temple and the Stone : The military Order of the Knights Templar was founded during the time of the crusades. Said to possess magical abilities, their original mission was to protect pilgrims en route to the Holy Land. Now, during the final decade of the 13th century, the Templars find themselves deeply involved in Scotland's wars of independence. It is a time of political intrigue for William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, and King Edward I of England. Two Templars believe that Scotland's famed Stone of Scone, upon which all Scottish kings are crowned, has lost its magical power. To put an end to strife, they must embark on a dangerous quest to restore the stone's power...and save a noble land. NOTE: This is a Scratch and Dent version and accordingly MAY NOT have a dust jacket.

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Ficción   Science Fiction

ISBN 13:9780446522601
ISBN 10:0446522600
Formato:Tapa Dura
Tamaño:9.10" l x 6.00" w x 1.60" h