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The Sands Of Time (Hermux Tantamoq Adventure)

Autor: Hoeye, Michael

Editorial: Putnam Publishing Group

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The Sands Of Time (Hermux Tantamoq Adventure) : Watchmaker mouse Hermux Tantamoq is in for a shock. Mirrin Stentrill has revealed the scandalous theme of her new art show, the one subject you just don't bring up in a city of civilized rodents - cats. The spooky stuff of myth, cats are not a popular topic. Mirrin's exhibit has the city in an uproar, even though it's common knowledge such creatures never actually existed. The Birch Tentintrotter, long-lost linguist chipmunk, comes out of hiding to share a secret with Hermux: Cats DID exist. And Birch has proof, as well as enemies who want to keep him quiet. Soon he and Hermux are off to the desert to find the lost Kingdom of Cats. In the ancient city, Hermux learns some unsettling truths about mouse history, and he wonders: Is he doing the right thing by bringing them to light?

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Young Adult Fiction   Mysteries & Thrillers

ISBN 13:9780399238796
ISBN 10:0399238794
Formato:Tapa Dura
Tamaño:8.55" l x 5.76" w x 1.12" h
Edades: 12+
Grado: Young Adult