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The Runaway Heiress

Autor: Hiatt, Brend

Editorial: Avon Books

Formato:Pocket Books
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The Runaway Heiress : For the past three years, Dina Moore has lived as a virtual prisoner of her bullying brother, Silas. Though they share custody of their estate, their parents' will decreed that if Dina reaches the age of twenty-one unmarried then her half of the inheritance will revert to her brother. Since Silas has already gambled away his half of the fortune, he is determined that Dina shall never marry! Dina, by no means a passive victim, learns of her brother's plans and runs away with a vague plan of marrying a kind stranger. Instead, she prevents the marriage between a fortune hunter and a naive heiress. When the heiress' grateful brother, Grant Turpin, discovers that his sister was saved by Dina, he offers her his gratitude. Dina, naturally, tells him that she would prefer his hand in marriage. Never one to turn his back on anyone or anything that needs help, Grant reluctantly agrees - little did they expect that this marriage of convenience would turn so quickly into a marriage of passion . . .

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Ficción   Romance

ISBN 13:9780060723798
ISBN 10:0060723793
Formato:Pocket Books
Tamaño:6.70" l x 4.20" w x 1.30" h