The Road from Chapel Hill

Autor: Scott. Joanna Catherine

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The Road from Chapel Hill : Once, Eugenia Mae Spotswood spent her days being courted by the very finest men of Wilmington and planning a privileged future as a landed Southern belle. Then her family lost everything. Now, as she toils for survival aboveground and her father works a mine for a pittance, she longs to regain the life she lost. But her desires are about to turn far more unlikely - and dangerous - than she ever dreamed. Thought only to be a hulking lackwit, Mr. Morgan's slave Tom was smart enough to know one thing: he wanted his freedom. But he is caught and almost crippled after making a run for it, and finds himself owned - and cared for - by Eugenia Spotswood. A dangerous affection grows between them. But he will learn that freedom is not something she can give him - he must fight for it himself. Farm boy Clyde Bricket always wanted more than his pa would allow. So when he helps capture the runaway Tom, he thinks he's found his calling as a patroller and fugitive slave catcher. But time will show him that not every cause is worth dying for - and that sometimes the only way to redeem yourself is to fight against everything you thought you believed in . . .

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Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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