The "I" Diet: Use Your Instincts to Lose Weight--and Keep It Off--Without Feeling Hungry

Autor: Roberts, Susan B.
Sargent, Betty Kelly

Editorial: Workman Publishing Company

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The "I" Diet: Use Your Instincts to Lose Weight--and Keep It Off--Without Feeling Hungry : The Instinct Diet is breakthrough, a diet based on impeccable research. A diet that genuinely deals with problems like feeling hungry or deprived. A diet unequivocally healthy for you, grounded in the metabolic, genetic and psychological workings of the human body. A diet where the dieter gets to eat delicious foods like Orange-Crumbed French Toast, Tuscan Minestrone, Cajun Cod and Chocolate Bread Pudding or opt for tasty no-cook meals. And it's a diet that works, combining proven strategies from Dr. Roberts' research at Tufts - where volunteers lost 10 to 50 pounds and kept the weight off for at least a year - with the latest cutting-edge research from around the world. The secret of The Instinct Diet lies in understanding that five built-in food instincts control our eating habits, and then in learning how we can control the controls. To satisfy hunger, build meals around foods that are proven to make you feel full. To counter the availability instinct in our food-food-everywhere culture, learn to fight the Gulping Syndrome and why simple strategies like eating at regular times help weight loss. Cope with cravings for calorie-dense foods with effective strategies, including the "I" Diet bonus treats - without losing the pleasure of eating. And learn how to deal with the bookend problems of familiarity, with its powerful "comfort food" triggers, and variety, which turns us into passive overeaters. Organized into a two-week Stage I, six-week Stage II and lifelong maintenance Stage III program, The Instinct Diet includes a full range of weekly menus - for both omnivores and vegetarians - and over 100 recipes. Throughout are dozens of new motivational and behavioral tips. For example, did you know that tapping your forehead is an emergency measure to quell a sudden craving? Don't follow your instincts - lead them. And discover a life-changing diet.

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