The Great Wing

Autor: Tartaglia, Louis A.

Editorial: Beyond Words Publishing

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The Great Wing : Told with just a touch of whimsy, The Great Wing reminds us that each of us has the power of the Universe within us. We watch as Gomer first pooh-poohs the whole frightening idea of the approaching arduous migration. His preference is for solo, acrobatic flights around the old home pond. He even contemplates staying behind and toughing out the winter. But gradually, as he is taken under the wing of his grandfather and of others who have made the journey before, Gomer becomes receptive to the "Flock Mind," and gives himself over to the power of the "Great Wing." In the process, he comes to see how even his superior strength and flying ability can be magnified when it is deferred to the greater needs of the entire flock.

Author Dr. Tartaglia "love(s) using allegories to teach spiritual lessons." In The Great Wing, our potential as individuals is affirmed, as is the power of group prayer of the "Master Mind." As we make the journey with Gomer and his flock, we rediscover that we tie our own potential into the power of the common good by way of attributes such as honesty, hope courage, trust, perseverance, spirituality, and service. Gomer's trials and tribulations, as well as his triumph, are our own.

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