The Far Side of Evil

Autor: Engdahl, Sylvia Louise

Editorial: Walker & Company

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The Far Side of Evil : Elana, a newly graduated agent of the Federation Anthropological Service, is sent to observe Toris, a Youngling planet poised on the brink of nuclear war. Her primary directive is merely to observe. She cannot reveal her alien origin or interfere in any way with the planet's natural course of evolution. But does this mean she must stand by and watch as an entire world drives itself to destruction? Elana's fellow agent, Randil, should never have been sent on the mission. If his emotions get the better of him, then his compassion for the Torisians may motivate him to intervene. Even with the best of intentions, his actions may tip the balance of power and bring about the holocaust that he is so desperately trying to prevent. The endangered planet's only hope is Elana, who must choose between siding with a renegade agent or stopping him at any cost.

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ISBN 13:9780802788481
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Formato:Tapa Dura
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