The Extravagant Fool

Autor: Adams, Kevin

Editorial: Zondervan

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The Extravagant Fool :

This book will offer hope and encouragement to anyone struggling - with relationships, with finances, in their career or with their personal identity. Author and popular blogger Kevin Adams shares his own story and challenges readers to fully surrender to God - so they can discover true freedom and intimacy.

At the height of financial success, Kevin Adams had it all. A thriving marketing business with more work than he could get to, investments spread out between two luxury homes, various residential and commercial real estate, and hefty retirement accounts. But in the last 100 days of 2008, Kevin watched in silent amazement as his house of cards came tumbling down. By January 2009, he had lost everything.

The Extravagant Fool is an underdog narrative. It is the story of a man with a choice: Do what he had always done - work harder - or, let go and lean on God. In the face of lawsuits, foreclosures, potential homelessness, and his family's doubts, Kevin took the unlikely position of stopping every effort to survive and resting instead at the feet of Jesus.

In a style akin to Blue Like Jazz, Kevin chronicles a very difficult three-year period during which he came to know true helplessness and true intimacy with God. The process of trust is a gamble that only The Extravagant Fool is willing to take. Readers will emerge from this breathtaking story with a transformative new understanding of what it means to walk by faith.

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