The Egocentric Predicament

Autor: Dryer, Roddy J.

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The Egocentric Predicament : Do you think you know scary? Do you believe you have a clue of what is frightening? No, you don?t. You don?t have any idea. But once you?ve read The Egocentric Predicament, you?ll know the definitions of both horror and evil. Spencer Monroe, a travel writer known around the world for his in-depth knowledge of this world and what it offers, is believed to know so much about this place we call Earth that he?s achieved celebrity status because of it. But when Spencer learns all he thought he knew was wrong and his reality is shattered, he is so shattered that he tastes the steel of a gun barrel. Even after death, Spencer?s assumptions of reality are challenged. He?s forced to see that reality is not actuality and that ignorance is never bliss. He also learns he knows no limits when no longer bound by the egocentric predicament.

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