The Disloyal Company

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The Disloyal Company : Companies are more disloyal to their clients than the clients are disloyal to companies.

Business leaders regularly complain about their clients’ lack of loyalty. Yet, reality shows that the opposite is true: companies are disloyal to their clients.

• Why do we offer better promotions to our new clients while offering nothing to current clients?

• Why do those who spend $20 at the grocery store go through the checkout line faster than those who spend $250?

• How many times have consumers at a service counter been confronted with a representative who takes a telephone call in priority? Based on an extensive scientific survey, the book will demonstrate that the consumers think that Air Canada, Bell Mobility, Future Shop and American Express are the most disloyal companies while Manitoba Hydro, PC Financial, WestJet and Starbucks are the some of the most loyal.

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