The Burma Legacy

Autor: Archer, Geoffrey

Editorial: Arrow Books

Formato:Pocket Books
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The Burma Legacy : Fifty-five years after the end of World War Two, Tetsuo Kamata is a wealthy businessman, but he was once an interrogator in a Japanese Prisoner of War camp. One of his victims, Peregrine Harrison, recognizes him. Harrison never got over his maltreatment at Kamata's hands and has dreamed of killing him ever since. Now he has his chance. But if Kamata dies, so do the livelihoods of hundreds of car factory workers. M16 officer Sam Packer is diverted from his hunt for an ex-SAS drug trader in Thailand and given the order to stop Harrison. The search takes him deep into Harrison's past and to the poppy fields of the Golden Triangle. To save Kamata from execution Packer must penetrate an alien and hostile world, a quest which brings him face to face with the very drug lords who have sworn to kill him.

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Ficción   Thrillers

ISBN 13:9780099427957
ISBN 10:0099427958
Formato:Pocket Books
Tamaño:6.85" l x 4.57" w x 1.18" h

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