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The Bomb in My Garden

Autor: Obeidi, Mahdi
Pitzer, Kurt

Editorial: Wiley

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The Bomb in My Garden : No one knows more about Iraq's nuclear weapons program than Mahdi Obeidi, the man who headed its successful uranium enrichment effort. In the immediate, chaotic aftermath of the 2003 war in Iraq, Obeidi contacted the arms inspectors he had been forced to lie to for so many years, and voluntarily turned over the key plans and parts to U.S. intelligence. Among the revelations reported by the international media at the time: In the early 1990s, under orders to hide the core of the program from UN weapons inspectors, Obeidi had buried in his backyard garden the critical elements necessary to build uranium-enriching gas centrifuges. What he turned over to U.S. intelligence in the summer of 2003 proved to be the entire remains of a program put on hold since the last Gulf War. Now, at last, Obeidi tells all, taking us inside Saddam's regime and revealing the truth about its quest for nuclear weapons. He captures in nail-biting detail what life was like directly under Saddam's watchful eye - the intimidation, the paranoia, the impossible deadlines.

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History & Geography   Middle East
Ciencia   Nuclear Physics
Biografía y Autobiografía   Scientists

ISBN 13:9780471679653
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