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The Authenticity Hoax: Why the "Real" Things We Seek Don't Make Us Happy

Autor: Potter, Andrew

Editorial: HarperPerennial

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The Authenticity Hoax: Why the "Real" Things We Seek Don't Make Us Happy :

What does it mean to be authentic?

The demand for authenticity--the honest or the real--is one of the most powerful movements in contemporary life, influencing our moral outlook, political views, and consumer behavior. Yet according to Andrew Potter, when examined closely, our fetish for "authentic" lifestyles or experiences is actually a form of exclusionary status seeking. The result, he argues, is modernitys malaise: a competitive, self-absorbed individualism that ultimately erodes genuine relationships and true community.

Weaving together threads of pop culture, history, and philosophy, The Authenticity Hoax reveals how our misguided pursuit of the authentic merely exacerbates the artificiality of contemporary life that we decry. In his defiant, brilliant critique, Andrew Potter offers a way forward to a meaningful individualism that makes peace with the modern world.

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ISBN 13:9780061251351
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Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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