The Age of Orphans: A Novel

Autor: Khadivi, Laleh

Editorial: Bloomsbury USA

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The Age of Orphans: A Novel : Deep in the Zagros Mountains of western Persia, a young Kurd is called to fight. Though he is still very much a boy, he feigns bravery and follows his father and uncles into a massacre at the hands of the armies of the shah. The boy is the only survivor. Adopted by the same soldiers who killed his people, he is told that he is no longer a Kurd but a soldier for the newly minted nation of Iran. The orphan is given a name: Reza Khourdi. Reza becomes a man, taking a wife and rising through the army to the rank of captain. BUt when he is deployed back to the Zagros Mountains to suppress the revolts of the ever-defiant local tribes, he recognizes the Kurdish people as his own, and his new persona begins to crack. Lush and lyrical, and threaded with unique voices, The Age of Orphans is an extraordinary novel of loss and yearning, history and orphanhood, and the impossible dreams of love, land, and home.

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ISBN 13:9781608190423
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Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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