The Addiction Solution

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Whitney, Steven

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The Addiction Solution : The Addiction Solution introduces a revolutionary scientific breakthrough in treating addiction based on a new medical paradigm that finally frees patients from the treadmill of addiction.  Written in plain language with engaging illustrations and easy-to-read charts and graphs, this book clarifies and explains everything anyone ever touched by the disease of addiction needs to know – from its recently revealed genetic determination to the newly developed medical treatment (and complementary behavioral therapies) that successfully target the biochemical issues that are its root cause.  In recent years, an explosion in biomedical technology ushered in amazing new technology, allowing scientists to both “read” DNA and “see” brain chemistry in ways never before possible. It’s now been scientifically proven that addiction is an inherited, neuro-chemical disease originating in brain chemistry, determined by genetics, and triggered by stress. The Addiction Solution moves step-by-step through the most basic levels of the new paradigm and all the other issues surrounding addiction that must now be reevaluated and often redefined in light of this extraordinary leap forward. As such, it’s the new starting point for unlocking the puzzle of how addiction really works and how it can be successfully treated. It draws composite case histories to illustrate how the innovative Personal Recovery Program works in practice, customizing treatment for each of a diverse group of addicts abusing a wide variety of different substances – from the first day of treatment to its successful resolution.  The Addiction Solution is a complete consumer guide to a world made brand new by the enormous – some say “miraculous” - paradigm shift in the treatment of addiction.

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