Tatics of the Crescent Moon

Autor: Poole, H. John

Editorial: Posterity Press

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Tatics of the Crescent Moon : This book is still required reading at Fort Benning, Fort Leavenworth, and some Marine bases. That's because it fully describes the Islamists' 4GW method and how to counter it with truly "light" infantry tactics. Since the latter stages of WWII, America has had only "line" infantry. Its "modern" sequel travels mostly by truck and fights mostly with supporting arms. That's because the Pentagon is still practicing a "high-tech" version of 2GW (killing as many enemy as possible). Learning how to operate the latest equipment takes up most of the infantryman's training day. That leaves no time for learning how to surprise someone. One does not become any less visible by donning advanced electronics. His small-unit maneuvers are still lacking. Instead of historical artifacts, all Posterity Press books should be viewed as vehicles of long overdue change.

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Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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