Stem Cell Now

Autor: Scott, Christopher Thomas

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Stem Cell Now : While many believe stem cell research holds the key to curing a wide range of ailments, others see this research as opening a Pandora's box that will devalue human life. In Stem Cell Now, Christopher Scott - executive director of Stanford University's Stem Cells and Society Program - lays out the scientific and ethical issues surrounding this national dilemma. Scott guides readers through the latest advances in stem cell research in clear, accessible language, telling the stories of the researchers who are exploring the potential of stem cells to cure cancer, grow new organs, and repair the immune system. He also leads readers through a discussion of the question at the heart of the explosive ethical debate: How, as a society, do we balance our responsibilities to the unborn and the sick? Stem Cell Now is essential reading for anyone who wants to build an informed opinion on stem cell research.

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Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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