Sport, Revolution and the Beijing Olympics

Autor: Brennan, Mel
Hwang, Dong-Jhy
Jarvie, Grant

Editorial: Berg Publishers

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Sport, Revolution and the Beijing Olympics :

The 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing, but many human rights activists support a boycott. They liken the circumstances to previous governments that used the games to glorify their regimes--most notoriously the Nazis in 1936. What has led to this perception and is it fair?

Sport, Revolution and the Beijing Olympics is a cultural history of sport in China that challenges many such ingrained Western assumptions. The authors unpick the relationship of sport to imperialism and revolution and examine its significance in both China and Taiwan at governmental and everyday levels. In the process they successfully debunk harmful myths, such as the prevalence of drugs in Chinese sport among women athletes, and present a balanced view that is a much-needed corrective to popular understanding.

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