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Autor: Mishkin, Andrew

Editorial: Berkley Publishing Group

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Sojourner : From Andrew Mishkin, a senior systems engineer and leader of NASA's robotics program at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, comes an insider's look at the audacious space project that electrified the world - the Mars Pathfinder probe. For the first time ever - 122 million miles from home - a sophisticated, thinking robot smaller than a microwave oven was exploring the rocky, red landscape of Mars. Soon, six-wheeled Sojourner would beam spectacular pictures of her one-of-a-kind travels back to Earth. And millions of people would be captivated. Now, with the touch of an expert thriller writer, Mishkin tells the inside, human story of the Mars Pathfinder team's feverish efforts to build a self-guided, off-roading robot to explore the surface of the Red Planet. With witty, compelling anecdotes, he describes the clash of temperamental geniuses, the invention of a new work ethic, the turf wars, the chewing-gum solutions to high-tech problems, the controlled chaos behind the strangely beautiful creation of an artificial intelligence - and the exhilaration of inaugurating the next great age of space exploration.

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Tecnología   Aeronautics & Astronautics
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ISBN 13:9780425198391
ISBN 10:0425198391
Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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