So Super Starry

Autor: Wilkins, Rose

Editorial: Speak

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So Super Starry : At Darlinham House, the chic private school, everyone's parents are super-famous, feng shui is part of the curriculum, all of the girls have names like India, Asia, and Twinkle. The girls there don't just read celebrity magazines, they're in them. Except for Octavia Clairbrook-Cleeve. Sure she's got the posh name, and the semi-celeb parents, but there's nothing that Octavia hates more than the "Darlings" and their super-glam ways. Until she meets Alex Withers, the gorgeous son of a famous rock star. Suddenly Octavia's staying out all night, shopping for trendy clothes, and even doing favors for her archenemy! How's a regular girl to keep her head when she's hanging with the A-list?

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ISBN 13:9780142405819
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Formato:Pocket Books
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