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See, I Told You So

Autor: Rush H., III Limbaugh

Editorial: Pocket Books

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See, I Told You So : The Democrats may be in the White House--but even President Clinton can't ruin this country in only four years, proclaims Rush. Conservatism's most outspoken champion, Rush leads the charge to embrace and defend the fundamental values that have shaped the American character: belief in God, devotion to family, law and order, self-reliance, rugged individualism, commitment to excellence, rewarding achievement, and.....the notion that the woman is always right. Not coincidentally, notes Rush, these values that cause liberals to have conniptions are the same concepts that constitute modern conservatism, which is constantly being distorted by the dominant media. But what underlies the liberal agenda of political correctness, multiculturalism, environmentalism, the assault on family values, radical feminism, and even Bill Clinton's tax bill? Desperation! Says Rush--a mentality of chaos, frenzy, hysteria, despair, and total panic. Ever the optimist, Rush sees the "pernicious liberal movement" as a philosophy whose inevitable demise will lead us back to the values that made America great. HC, 364 pages.

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