Security Convergence: Managing Enterprise Security Risk

Autor: Tyson, Dave

Editorial: Butterworth-Heinemann

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Security Convergence: Managing Enterprise Security Risk : Security Convergence describes the movement in business to combine the roles of physical security and security management with network computer security measures within an organization. This is the first book to discuss the subject of security convergence, providing real-world illustrations of implementation and the cost-saving benefits that result.

Security Convergence discusses security management, electronic security solutions, and network security and the manner in which all of these interact. Combining security procedures and arriving at complete security solutions improves efficiency, greatly improves security, and saves companies money. Implementation of convergence principles has increased rapidly and the number of businesses moving to this model will continue to grow over the next few years. All security professionals, regardless of background, will find this a useful reference and a practical look at the benefits of convergence and a look to the future of how organizations and corporations will protect their assets.

* A high-level, manager's overview of the movement in corporations to combine the physical and IT Security functions
* Details the challenges and benefits of convergence with an assessment of the future outlook for this growing industry trend
* Contains case examples that detail how convergence can be implemented to save money and improve efficiencies

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