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Secret Codes (Super Little Giant Book)

Autor: Lambert, David

Editorial: Sterling

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Secret Codes (Super Little Giant Book) : Kids love secret codes, because it allows them to send special private messages to their friends . . . and outwit adults. And this Super Little Giant offers dozens of intriguing and colorfully displayed choices, with an easy-to-follow explanation of each system, a history of its development, and illustrations that show just how the code works. Some of the codes are well-known, including Morse, with its dots and dashes. Others are more rare, such as an ancient transposition cipher where the sender writes the message on a paper wrapped around a tube or stick. And artistic types will really enjoy the "dancing men" cryptogram, which has 26 drawn figures in different positions corresponding to the letters of the alphabet.

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Tweens Nonfiction   Manualidades y Hobbies

ISBN 13:9781402737398
ISBN 10:1402737394
Formato:Tapa Suave
Tamaño:5.04" l x 4.17" w x 0.79" h
Edades: 8 - 12