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Sample Workbook to Accompany Professional Sewing Techniques for Designers

Autor: Cole, Jules
Czachor, Sharon

Editorial: Fairchild Books

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Sample Workbook to Accompany Professional Sewing Techniques for Designers :

This workbook consists of instruction sheets, pattern pieces, templates, and a loose leaf binder for convenient storage. Using these resources, students can sew sample garment details.

Instructions for each project list the materials and tasks needed to prepare the samples. The instructions include cross references to the text describing each sewing technique. For each chapter, patterns for each set of samples are designed in a size to suit each particular sewing technique, and clear cutting information is provided. Worksheets include space to mount the samples and document results. As students use the workbook to practice the sewing techniques, it becomes an ongoing resource and a part of the design student's fashion library.

Features: Charts illustrating stitch lengths, hand and machine needles and threads as well as a metric conversion table. Section on "Math for Fashion" to help students purchase appropriate yardage for their garments, adjusting for sizes and crosswise widths of fabrics. Approximately 130 projects designed for beginner and advanced levels which follow the organization of the text. Templates provided for each project with space to mount samples and document results. Bold outlined patterns clearly numbered to correspond to each sewing technique and clearly marked for cutting.

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