Remind Me Again Why I Need a Man: A Novel

Autor: Carroll, Claudia

Editorial: HarperCollins Publisher

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Remind Me Again Why I Need a Man: A Novel : Amelia Lockwood doesn't mean to sound greedy. She's got a fabulous career in television, a posh apartment, and four fiercely loyal and wickedly funny friends. The only thing she's missing is a husband. So she swallows her pride, signs up for dating boot camp, and enlists the help of a professional - an acidic New Yorker with a black belt in "tongue fu" - who'll help Amelia apply proven business-marketing principles to finding her dream man. Amelia's first assignment is to track down all the lovers she's ever lost because her future happiness depends on her tackling lesson number one: If you can't learn from the past, how will you ever move forward?

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