Raising Children Who Think for Themselves

Autor: Medhus, Elisa

Editorial: Beyond Words Publishing

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Raising Children Who Think for Themselves :

A prescriptive parenting book with many qualities that give it a broad appeal. It reveals the one force tipping the scales of society towards the dead-end and perilous road of moral decay: We are taught to govern ourselves through external influences rather than through our inner voice of reason. In other words, we are externally directed instead of internally directed, and sadly we raise our children to be the same. Fortunately, it is never too late to address this problem: a child of any age will benefit when they learn how to follow their own inspiration and rely on their intuition.

Raising Children Who Think for Themselves first reveals the special qualities common to all self-inspired children, then describes the details surrounding its central theme, explaining the crucial differences between internal and external direction. The core of the book illustrates the seven key strategies necessary to raise self-inspired children, including using empathy training and teaching children how to handle different external influences in a self-inspired way.

With many humorous anecdotes and examples, the book is written in a casual style to reach as many parents as possible. Quotes from interviews with children and easy-to-read bulleted text appear throughout. There is also a special section covering around one hundred behaviour problems with solutions that are self-directed.

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